[Mapbender-users] Error with . and , and postgre

Birger.Boell at lbv-sh.landsh.de Birger.Boell at lbv-sh.landsh.de
Tue Nov 10 08:37:28 PST 2020


thank you for this great tool. I tried to set up mapbender with postgresql. I can reach the front- and backend but when i try to create a new user, i always get status 500 - internal server error. 
I changed the parameters.yaml to my connection – the connection is working - but im not sure, if mapbende really uses the database, because its empty all over.

While setting up the database,i had to create one table with manual help, because the script „app/console doctrine:database:create“ wasnt working. The sql statement uses a "," for decimals for the column "ratio". I had to change to a point, what postgre did accept. 

I think the internal server error 500 is also depending on this error "." and ","

Whats the trick to solve this problem? 

Can someone help me? 

Thank you


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