[Mapbender-users] Mapbender 3.2.1 autorenews PHP session ID

Clemens Beyer c.beyer at ceit.at
Tue Nov 10 09:22:51 PST 2020

Dear community,

I recently installed Mapbender 3.2.1. The map application is loaded into a
HTML frameset with some other PHP files. Now, when I load the frameset, my
small PHP frameset parts are delivered first by the server so that PHP's
session_start() is called by my script for the first time. Mapbender takes
little longer to load, and it seems that it is renewing the PHP session ID
on load so that both PHP script parts (my own ones and the Mapbender ones)
are loaded under different session IDs (which I do not want).

A short example to illustrate what I mean: Let's say that the screen is
divided into a left and a right frame. The left frame is filled with my PHP
and the right frame is filled with Mapbender.

First load: my PHP assigns session id 1, Mapbender assigns session id 2
(and seems to drop session id 1)
Refresh: my PHP assigns session id 2, Mapbender assigns session id 3 (and
seems to drop session id 2)
and so on.

Is there any way to prevent Mapbender (or Symfony) from replacing the
existing session id?

Best regards from Vienna,
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