[Mapbender-users] Change new WMS layers to default off

apeech at prairie-view.ca apeech at prairie-view.ca
Mon Nov 16 09:57:02 PST 2020



I am using mapbender with my own geoserver WMS. I am creating many different
applications with different active layers from the WMS.


I've noticed that when I add new layers to geoserver (tiff files and vector
files), and then update the WMS source in mapbender all of the new layers
I've added to geoserver default to be turned on in the mapbender


This means if I have 20 applications, upload a new vector file to geoserver,
refresh the WMS, I have to go through all 20 of the existing applications
and toggle the layer off.


Is there a way to make the default for all layers to be off, and to have to
turn them on in mapbender?





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