[mapguide-internals] Viewers and the Future of Web Layout

Robert Bray rbray at robertbray.net
Mon Feb 26 17:01:23 EST 2007

Change Subject, was: foss4g workshops


Now I am worried. I was hoping that Fusion would lead to a next 
generation web layout and we could continue a write once run anywhere 
type of viewer strategy. Sounds like we really need to get together and 
  decide on a strategy for moving forward. Deciding to split is not a 
bad thing, but I want to make sure it is a conscience decision as 
opposed to the project randomly growing appendages.

 From my perspective the pro for keeping it all together is that we can 
all take advantage of  one another's work. Once we have a flexible 
client framework then folks can focus on developing new widgets to plug 
into it. The only potential pro for splitting is to take advantage of 
best of breed technology from different vendors, but I am not totally 
convinced this cannot be achieved with the first approach.

What does everyone else think? Paul?


Jason Birch wrote:
> Bob wrote:
>> Hows that RFC for Fusion support coming along anyway :)
> I'm a little worried about direction with the AJAX viewers.  While the current viewer meets a large proportion of the users' needs, it's not very flexible and the map surround elements aren't very AJAX.
> DMSG has been working on Fusion as an alternative, and it looks like SL-King is looking at building a similar framework for Java based on GWT.  I could see something coming for .Net that leverages "atlas" in the same way.
> Do we need to talk about this to ensure that these apps are developed in a particular way (if they're going to be merged into the MapGuide project)?  Are we OK with different viewers having different APIs, etc?
> Jason
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