[mapguide-internals] Builld / Release Component Query

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Thu Jun 4 12:50:08 EDT 2009

Hi Crispin,

MapGuide 2.1 Beta is built using the released FDO 3.4.0 Windows SDK; we don't build FDO ourselves.

I personally wouldn't support using a non-released version of FDO in an official MapGuide release unless there were strong extenuating circumstances, and communication with the FDO project.  I'm a bit nervous that Fusion (and its bundled OpenLayers) aren't official releases.

If a GDAL 1.6 upgrade is desired for FDO, that should probably be discussed on the fdo-internals list, for consideration in a potential FDO 3.4.1 release.  In the meantime, I think that GDAL 1.6.1 is supposed to be binary-compatible with GDAL 1.6, so you may be able to just build your own GDAL or pull from the OSGeo4W distribution and swap them in.


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I can't follow the component build process in my head at the moment - for
clarity can someone answer the following for the 2.1 build/installer process

FDO - is the FDO in MG 2.1 built from trunk, a snaphot of the 3.4 release or
built from the 3.4 branch (with various fixes since the 3.4 release)?

GDAL - is this a fixed DLL or part of the build process?  1.6.1 is now
released with a load of updates for GeoRaster that would be good to have as
part of the build/installer.

 Thanks in advance, Crispin

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