[mapguide-internals] Anyone need a build server? multi platform build system - YES PLEASE

UV uvwild at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 21:47:58 EDT 2009

Some thoughts from my CI experience... Generally YES PLEASE

Continuous Integration = build systems create additional confidence in 
the fitness of the code in particular if they include tests on all 
target platforms....
The value of an automated  build system depends on the multi-platform 
support and the amount of testing to be done automatically.

In the end automated multi-platform build and testing is really what we 
want as I assume that most developers do not develop on multiple platforms.

Furthermore this can help to simplify the decisison to let people commit 
to the respository:

In this context I would like to promote the introduction of a second 
repository - a sand box with much more relaxed entry conditions for 
submit rights.
Merges to the main code base could be done based on an (update slave 
from master - test slave- on success merge to master) strategie.
Any submit to the master repository is also submitted to the sandbox 
repository/branchy. This way they stay in sync.
(some further brainstorming might be useful to organize this in the best 

Alternatively instead of a separate repository users could get rights to 
create user specifric branches..... merging back is done under 
supervision only...

Once a build system is in place this is purely a configuration issue. I 
offer my collaboration for those things if needed.

I can understand the difficulties in handing out commit rights.....
Therefore I am promoting a system sporting 2 levels of submit rights. 
Easier to hand out the first level, easier to decide if the second level 
should be  granted.
We can make this a lot easier with a more clever repository and build 

Motivation for the additional commenting users is that once I am allowed 
to submit code I do not write so many comments anymore....
Also this does simplify the review efforts for submitted patches. If I 
submit my first patch there will be a few files with only comment lines....
Having them in the repository already will remove them from the patch 
and simplify the review of the patch .

Do we all agree that we should simplify the submission of inlince 

Trevor Wekel wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Jason and I started to set up a Windows build server last November.   If
> anyone would like access to the build server, please let me know.  I am
> planning to take a crack at setting up a BuildBot buildmaster server this
> weekend.  This should help move the project towards automated daily builds.
> According to the RFC 58, we are planning to post builds to the OSGeo
> download site.  Do we need a separate download site for daily builds to aid
> with the testing effort?  I'm not sure everyone wants to compile MapGuide.
> Thanks,
> Trevor
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