[mapguide-internals] making documentation an installer option + docs feedback comments

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Wed May 20 15:26:02 EDT 2009

I'm feeling incredibly resistant to making non-defect changes to the installer before the 2.1 release; UI sequencing (and testing) is a royal pain in the ass :)  Could you put in a ticket for it so we can address it for the next release?

There are tonnes of other improvements I'd like to see for the install process; I'll have to remember to add tickets for these :)

 - not requiring a reboot (moving default CS_Map folder into a server config item)

 - placing the MapAgent test pages in their own folder, getting the server admin test helper OUT of the viewer directories, making these optional

 - fleshing out the samples options (test data, developer docs, etc)

 - figuring out how to set the Admin / Author passwords at install time

Comments on the online help would not be a trivial task, though I agree that it's cool (the PHP help is another good example of this).  I don't think that Doxygen provides the ability to do this natively, and I'm not sure how static Doxygen file names are, so hacking it in could/would be difficult.  We're also quite limited in what we can do on the primary OSGeo server, so the docs would likely have to be hosted elsewhere.  I also have concerns that we wouldn't have the resources to moderate this kind of system.

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given there are 8000+ plus files in the help files, would it make sense
to make the installation of documentation a non default option. 8000 files
takes while :)

It would make the install a **lot** faster and we can just drop a url link
into the start menu, most people google first anyway so local doco

for a production server, do we need to be installing documentation?

whilst talking about this

one of the nice features of adobe's online help is the ability to
add feedback n comments


this would be a nice thing to have for the mapguide doco, what do people think?


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