[mapguide-internals] Re: 2.1.0 Final Windows Installer

Gabriele Monfardini gabrimonfa at gmail.com
Fri Nov 20 13:33:58 EST 2009

> It would be great if we could post a tarball of the source checked out
> on linux (I think line-endings etc change?).
> Not sure if would be better to just zip up including .svn directories
> (good starting point) or to export from local repo for a cleaner tree.
> Maybe both :)

Why don't public just the svn command pointing to branch 2.1?

svn checkout https://svn.osgeo.org/mapguide/branches/2.1/MgDev mapguide

and two lines of explaination, like is done for example in


Easier to setup w.r.t. a "big-zip-file" (for you and for the users),
much easier to upgrade.

Obviously you need to freeze 2.1 branch and start using a trunk branch
as actively developed branch (as is done in a lot of other projects)

IMHO that would be a good idea since developers would be more free to
"break" sometimes the "trunk" (that is used only by "the braves") and
eventually to backport to the "2.1 stable" outstanding bugs that were
fixed during development.
Without rebuilding the "big-zip-file".

Not to mention the fact that with the "big-zip-file" you can only take
all the code, not just what you want/need.
This would be useful when (if) in the future third part software will
be optional if is already installed.

Finally, until now if I know that a bug has been corrected in the svn
I have to use "in toto" the svn code that is under heavy development,
aka unstable.
In the other way developers (or myself) may backport a fix into the
stable codebase, taken from the 2.1 branch. A much safer solution for
production boxes.

What do you think about my comments on Windows-only elements in the
release notes that I've stated in my email of November 18?

I mean, GNU/Linux part of the project clearly needs love and I know
developers are already very busy.
Don't also discourage GNU/Linux users who want give MapguideOS a chance.
They need to build the source, so they're likely complaining and
helping to fix building process, and maybe to propose patches.

Reading the 2.1 Release Notes Mapguide seems a Windows only project.
One of two very small fix would help GNU/Linux users not to feel like
second-class citizen.

My 2 cents,


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