[mapguide-internals] Participation in FOSS4G WMS Shoot-out

Trevor Wekel trevor_wekel at otxsystems.com
Mon May 24 11:59:51 EDT 2010

Hi Zac,

We could create a sandbox in SVN for the WMS shootout.  We can store the MGPs referencing external data as well as the JMeter test scripts.  We may also want a separate code base to work on if we are implementing WMS shootout specific fixes.  At the very least, I suspect we will need some raster fixes to be competitive.

I would start with running the SHP layers first and then use the TIFF layers.  Both are straightforward to set up and TIFF is probably the most stable raster format.  I should be able to get some time to look at raster before FOSS4G.  Looking at it in the context of WMS would kill two birds with one stone.   

Longer term, developing an end-to-end performance/stability test suite for MGOS would be appropriate.  We may be able to use the WMS shootout data as a starting point.

Just as a side note, developers at Autodesk have noticed that earlier versions of JMeter seems to leak memory.  Longer JMeter stability runs (24 hours+) have been known to fail because of the leak.  This may have been corrected in later versions.


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so here's the test specs


they are testing with JMeter which i have some experience with

symbols are here

the layers look pretty simple

shall we create a google-code project?

do we bother with Raster? or use this as a test case for Trevor's GDAL project?


On 22 May 2010 17:31, Zac Spitzer <zac.spitzer at gmail.com> wrote:
> Are we using 64 bit or 32 bit?
> Looking forward to the collaboration
> Jason, from what I saw at foss4g last year none of the tests looked much
> beyond what we can do in a layer
> On 22 May 2010 11:20, "Jason Birch" <jason at jasonbirch.com> wrote:
> Cool!
> Sounds like between us we should be able to put in a showing. I don't
> think we need a vote for this, but if we do I'll register my +1.
> I wonder if we'll be limited by MapGuide's restriction of WMS to
> layers (not maps). Will have to take a look at what's required.
> Jason
> On 2010-05-21, Bruce Dechant <bruce.dechant at autodesk.com> wrote:
>> I too will be available to assis...

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