[mapguide-internals] Re: WMS Benchmarking 2011

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Sat Jan 15 10:41:05 EST 2011

Hi Jason,

Are you (and the rest of the MapGuide devs) still thinking about it and 
just need more time, or should we interpret the silence as a no?

Sorry to be pushy with this, but the WMS Benchmarking team would 
appreciate an official yes/no answer from your group and I've been 
tasked to contact your team.

Please CC Jeff McKenna (or the benchmarking list) on your answer as I'll 
be away from email in the coming week.



On 11-01-12 05:25 PM, Daniel Morissette wrote:
> Jason Birch wrote:
>> Do you know if this is likely to be a more organized effort this year?
>> Last year I wasn't able to free up time to participate, but it seemed
>> like a bit of a mad scramble trying to get things done with data
>> issues, specifications changes, etc. If it's likely to be like that
>> again I don't think I can afford the kind of effort required for
>> successful outcome.
> Hi Jason,
> First of all I'm very happy to hear that there is at least a bit of
> interest. Your question is a tough one to answer with a simple yes or no.
> Short answer is that yes the data is likely to change again this year to
> be US-based, and yes we should expect some surprises for some/all
> teams... otherwise where would the fun be?
> Some of what you allude to with respect to data issues was part of the
> game. For instance, most teams had to fix their software to support
> shapefiles larger than 2GB... that's a positive outcome of the game and
> not a problem with the process if you ask me. With respect to styling:
> some of the requirements (labeling very dense contours) forced some of
> the teams to improve their labeling for instance... once again that's
> part of the game and benefits to the users in the end.
> You should keep in mind that participants are always free to run only a
> subset of the tests based on the time and effort they are able to put in
> and everybody will respect that. We'd love to see you join, even if you
> run only a subset of the tests... and hopefully other MapGuide users and
> dev will join you and support your efforts, you will uncover and solve
> some issues in the software (like most teams do every year) and the
> software and its users will win in the end.
> I have CC'd the benchmarking list and would suggest that we continue the
> discussion there since others may be able to share their own experience
> to help you make your decision.
> Daniel

Daniel Morissette

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