[mapguide-users] RE: RE: Now a new problem - ODBC connection error

Andrew DeMerchant andrew.demerchant at gemtec.ca
Fri Jul 7 15:40:53 EDT 2006

Well, a simple work-around would be to not press the 'get' button and 
just type in your value....What the name of the field that you're trying 
to 'get' from? What's the name of the table? Do either have spaces in 
the names?


simflex wrote:

>Here is the original issue:
>Now a new problem. After successfully creating an odbc connection to an 
>access db, I decided to group my some of my line layers like: 
>  ____ green 
>  ____ red 
>  ____ cyan, etc 
>each representing a certain value. 
>So, my expression is as follows: 
>myplace ='Carrol' 
>I click the "Get" button and I get the following error: 
>"An exception occurred in FDO component. 
>Identity Property must be a member of Property Collection." 
>Any ideas what I may have mixed / messed up? 
>I know you indicated that you had that problem and it went away.
>But given what I explained, first of all, do you think I am doing this
>I have been stuck on this now for over 2 weeks. I need serious help just to
>get beyond this stage.

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