App stops working after a few uses

kenny at kenny at
Mon Jul 24 13:51:18 EDT 2006

Not sure if anyone has had to deal with the current issue I am having.

I reboot our server at least 4 times a day.

I do this because after running the map app for about 3 times, it  
stops loading and hangs.

When I try stopping and restarting service, service hangs on  
"stopping" until I reboot the server.

I am very concerned about having to constantly reboot the server,  
especially since we have other apps running on the server.

Is there a way to restart the service or the app without having to  
reboot the server?

My boss is scheduled to do a demo of the os app 3:30pm today and I  
have been testing it just to be sure all is well.

After my last test, now it is hung again.

Please assist.


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