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Willem Schwarte willem at giskit.nl
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Is there a specific location for this file? Or how can I tell the system
where the file is?






Van: Dave Wilson [mailto:dave.wilson at autodesk.com] 
Verzonden: woensdag 26 juli 2006 18:01
Aan: users at mapguide.osgeo.org
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When installing the ODBC driver from the rpm we had the same dependency
issue, but we installed it anyway using a --nodeps parameter.


I just tried this again. I put a single entry into the ODBC.ini file
(using the template from the website and corrected the path to the .so
file) and it worked fine. I didn't need to put anything in the


In this case we used the 3.5 driver.


I suspect that the invalid XML is happening because it can't find the
ODBC.ini file.





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When installing myODBC on Red HAt 3 ES we get the error below. Does
anybody know what this is and how to resolve this? 


We tried bypassing it, but then Studio gives an " invalid XML document
(0,0)"  error when looking for ODBC connections..






Van: Bas van den Dikkenberg 
Verzonden: woensdag 26 juli 2006 14:06
Aan: Willem Schwarte


error: Failed dependencies:

        libstdc++.so.6(GLIBCXX_3.4) is needed by

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