[mapguide-users] Loading a large SHP file

azpublic azpublic at bluewin.ch
Thu Dec 13 05:20:20 EST 2007

HI all, 


I’m trying to load a relatively large SHP file (140MB) using Studio 2007.
Each time I try loading the file using a load procedure, I get an alert
popup asking me to package the file using the “File > Package Spatial Data
…” menu. I tried loading the SHP directly using the “Resources Button”
without success as Studio just hangs and never comes back to life.  


The same think happens when I try using the suggested “Package Spatial Data”
functionality. If I look in the folder where the original SHP is located I
can see a file with the *.mgp extension with 0kb in size.  Also during the
packaging procedure an *.idx file is created in the source folder and its
size grows regularly up to a certain point. After a while nothing happens
and Studio just keeps on hanging…


What can I do to load my file into the MGOS Library ? 





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