[Mapguide_users] errors on mapguide for Windows

David Chiu chiud at cse.ohio-state.edu
Mon Jan 8 15:56:38 EST 2007

Hi all,

I installed mapguide-1.1.0RC on my Windows XP with Apache Web server
(since I'm not running IIS). Aside from the "500 Internal errors" I get
from trying to view the sample codes, I get quite a few errors after
running 'mgserver test'. Most these errors involve my missing a file. For

51) test: TestServerAdminService::TestCase_SetDocument (F) line: 1007
.\TestServerAdminService.cpp forced failure

- The specified file was not found: ../UnitTestFiles/1.1.1.mgd
Exception occurred in method ByteSourceFileImpl.LoadFile at line 126 in
file .\System\ByteSourceFileImpl.cpp


I was wondering if anyone that has ever gotten this to work on Windows has
ever run into these sorts of problems, and can offer any input. Thanks


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