[mapguide-users] MapGuide Open Source or MapServer

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I'm not sure there is a direct comparison between the two, but I would
highly recommend that you try MapGuide as it is very easy to use. 

The response you get here might be biased since you are asking this in a
"MapGuide" mailing list. :-)


Perhaps others who have used both could comment.





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Hi all,


I'm looking for some advice on which GIS package to use for a project I
am about to start. I'm a junior level Java programmer and have not used
any GIS software at all. I've been asked to determine which software
would suit our needs. We are developing an application which will
display real-time information on multiple layers over a GIS moving map.
In it's simplest form, we would like a flight track updating every 1-3
seconds, with additional objects, such as wind barbs, plotted as a layer
over the flight track. The application will run from a Linux server
(Debian distro), but must be available within a standard web browser
(IE, Firefox, Safari).


In my brief searching I've noticed much press regarding MapGuide Open
Source and MapServer. However, I've been unable to locate a discussion
comparing the two.


Any advice you might have will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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