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Rui Vilanova rui.vilanova at gismedia.pt
Wed Jan 9 06:17:24 EST 2008

You can do that in studio. You just have to duplicate your commands in the weblayout editor page and give them new names, new tooltips, etc.

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I don't think you can, because the translation mechanism does not read the WebLayout.
In fact, you have to create a copy of each weblayout for each language you want to support.

The procedure that Måns mentions is another way of editing the Xml in the WebLayout.

You can create an application that translates any "__#....#__" values inside a weblayout and saves it with the locale suffixed.
That application can then be executed agains all weblayouts on the server.
You will still have to manually direct the user to the localized version of the weblayout though.

Regards, Kenneth, GEOGRAF A/S

Jose Manuel C G skrev: 

Can you modify with tags like __#tooltip1#__ with this method? I'd translate

simply adding this tags to the \localize\en file.

Måns Beckman wrote:



There is an way to translate the built in commands, but it is kind of

tricky. Here is how to do it.

Create a new directory in MGS and create a new weblayout in that directory

Go to MapGuide Administator and export your new directory as a package

(for example swedish.mgp)

MGP files is actually ZIP files so change the filetype of your file


Unzip the contents of your ZIP file

Open the file weblayout.WebLayout_CONTENT.xml in Notepad

Translate text within <TaskPane> tags (around line 207) name and tooltip

can be translated

Translate text within <CommandSet> tags (around line 267) label, tooltip

and description can be translated

Compress your ZIP archive again

Change the extension to MGP

Import your package through MapGuide Administrator

Open MGS and enjoy your localized commands!

Best regards


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Ämne: [mapguide-users] Translating label icons at main toolbar

Hi all,

I'm translating the labels and the menus from english to other languages


I can't find the place where to change the label texts of the built-in

commands in the main toolbar, context menu and Task Bar Menu.

I'm doing this for MGE2008 and for Open Source.

Anyone knows where to change this?

Thanks in advance



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