[mapguide-users] Integrade MIS system with map

Andy Morsell amorsell at spatialgis.com
Wed Oct 8 13:08:00 EDT 2008

I'm not sure if I can say that MapGuide would be the BEST platform for your
application since that is somewhat subjective, but I can say that it would
work just fine for this.  If you have point data in your MySQL database with
the X and Y coordinates, you can display these points on the map directly
using those coordinates.  From there, you could easily program the
application so that the user can select a point and then retrieve a PHP
report.  Assuming your MySQL data contains information on which points have
overspent, it's very easy to display only those points in a certain way
using themes or filters.  The hardest part of all of this will be writing
your PHP reports which is really independent of whatever web GIS you choose
to use.  

There are many consulting companies that can help you with this type of

Andy Morsell, P.E.
Spatial Integrators, Inc.

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Hi List

I want to get expert opinion on if mapguide would be the best platform for
the following:

I have a Management Information system (PHP, mySQL) and want to link it to a
map. When I click on a POI on the map I want to see the projects at that
POI, the staff or budget for that place. OR if I want to see all POI that
overspend their budget, I want to display the POI as RED Dots on the map. 

Comments would be appreciated!

And if this is a great platform, any developers out there willing to assist?


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