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IOW, you can't simply do away with mg users and groups.
Ed Jobe

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Ah.  Yes, I think MapGuide’s authentication is fine, but the authorization model is a bit dysfunctional.
Active Directory / LDAP are not directly supported, so you’d have to test group membership in your application and map this to the appropriate RO/RW users on the MapGuide server, and make sure that everything goes over SSL.
This doesn’t isolate you from poorly-behaved users or CSS attacks stealing a session key and using it directly against the web tier though.  I think the only way of dealing with this particular issue is fixing the MapGuide security model.
Subject: Re: [mapguide-users] SQL Import Spatial Data
AD is Active Directory. I was planning on using it for authentication. I forgot who it was that said it, but they felt that mg's security was "broken". 
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