[mapguide-users] Installation error

Jason Birch jason at jasonbirch.com
Tue Jan 12 17:43:04 EST 2010

The error message in the log indicates the same kind of problem...

ConfigureIIsExec:  Skipping ScaInstallWebDirs() because IIsWebDir
table not present

Google turns up a few hits on this all pointing in the same direction.

So, to confirm, your default web site is named "Default Web Site", and
is set to all unassigned IP addresses, no host header, port 80?  I
earlier thought that only the name had to match, but some of the
earlier comments in this thread make it clear that all of the
parameters may have to match what's defined here:


If that's the case, the only thing I can recommend is, as above,
choosing the manual option and then manually configuring IIS.  The
link above has all the steps in it, but is a bit cryptic :)  I've been
meaning to document this (there are some "Configuring MapGuide on
Windows" documents floating around for earlier versions of MGOS) but
haven't found the time yet.


2010/1/11 spatialminds
> Jason,
> Thank you for providing an in-depth reply to the original posters question.
> I am having an identical problem as the original poster on a Windows 2003
> SP2 server install I'm doing.  Same setup (MG 2.1.0, Windows Server 2003,
> .NET dev setup, installing to IIS 6).  I have been told that the Default
> Website has never been renamed or deleted.  The server I am installing to
> has a few remnants of Microsoft Small Business Server on it, which
> originally came with sharepoint, outlook web access, etc but these were long
> ago removed removed.
> I've created an install log and placed it at http://tinyurl.com/msilog
> Thanks for any help you can lend,
> Craig

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