[mapguide-users] Copying resources from MapGuide Enterprise to MapGuide OS

Kenneth Skovhede, GEOGRAF A/S ks at geograf.dk
Wed Jan 13 06:42:58 EST 2010

The data files in the "Repositories/Library" folder is a dbxml database, 
and not intended for
reading or writing by anything but MapGuide (eg. don't modify it with a 
text editor).

The document it refers to the layer, which is an xml document (stored in 
the dbxml).
The numbers are indeed (linenumber, columnnumber), but in the 
LayerDefinition xml document.

I think the problem is caused by using an older version of Maestro which 
does not recognize
LayerDefinition version 1.3.0 (which Studio creates).

If you use Maestro 2.0 beta 1, it should open the resource just fine.

If not, you can get the actual resource xml by visiting the html test form:

Use the GetResourceContent operation to get the xml, and respond with a
mail linking to the xml, and I will see if I can find obvious errors.

Regards, Kenneth Skovhede, GEOGRAF A/S

On 13-01-2010 11:48, sc80 wrote:
> Hi all,
> We have been using the trial version of MapGuide Enterprise 2010 however we
> are now looking to use MapGuide OS v2.1 and would like to utilise the
> resources we created with Enterprise. From reading about resources I thought
> it would just be a case of copying the contents of the library folder
> (Repositories\Library) for Enterprise to the equivalent location in the OS
> version. When i did this however (having re-created the appropriate aliases
> for the data connections) although the data connections work and i am able
> to preview the features in Maestro (v1.0.9.15910) the layer resources seem
> to have been corrupted as when i try to open them in Maestro I get an error:
> Unable to open the resource
> Library://FolderName/Layers/SubFolder/layername.LayerDefinition
> Error Message: There is an error in xml document (2,117)
> I've looked into the MgLibraryResourceContents.dbxml but I can't see
> anything obviously wrong (although i am very new to mapguide and have little
> development knowledge). Would this even be the xml document to which it's
> referring? and is the (2,117) referring to a row and character position in
> this document?
> Has anyone got any suggestions as to what is causing this or how I might be
> able to try to resolve this?
> I've googled the error, but it was to no avail and the MapGuide Studio 2010
> Getting started guide is of little help.
> Any help gratefully received.
> Thanks in advance.
> Sam

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