[mapguide-users] Cannot Create Layers From Feature Sources

Gordon McKenzie gord.mckenzie at canam.com
Thu Sep 20 14:43:19 PDT 2012

I have a number of unmanaged SDF files in a folder. (2 point sdf files, 3
polyline (curve) sdf files) I have them authored/working nicely on an active
Mapguide 2.2 server 32 bit version on IIS.  I exported them as a package and
imported them to my development workstation.  Windows 7 Professional,
Mapguide 2.4 RC1.  I have another test server Windows 2008 IIS with 2.4 RC2
64 bit where I did the same.


The data files are available for authoring in the Mapguide Studio/Maestro
programs.  I can create data sources and use the preview functions on the
programs to view the schema, attributes etc with no trouble.  I see a valid
geometry property.  In addition I can preview the features and see the
objects drawn as expected.  Permissions seem to be consistent across the
three machines.


All the layers for 4 data sources are broken.  When I go to modify a layer,
and select one of the 4 data sources, I get an errors.  When I try to create
a new layer I get the same errors. Re-creating the data sources makes no
difference.  (One of the polyline data sources is still  working as
expected).  I edited and saved each file in AutoCAD map to ensure I could
read/write them successfully.


In Maestro 4.0.2 it says "Feature Source  (xxx) has no usable feature
classes.  Choose a different feature source.", then it says "The Resource ID
could not be found."

In Mapguide Studio 2010 and 2011 it says "Object reference not set to an
instance of an object."  The layer dialog shows the selected FeatureSource
name and the expected schema in the dropdown list but Geometry drop down has
no options.


I have tried every variation of new feature sources and layers but no luck.
Is there something I am missing?  Can anyone suggest some different tests or
approaches I can take to sorting this out?



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