[mapguide-users] Help needed on data migration for MapGuide

everling tceverling at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Sep 26 12:38:34 PDT 2012


I am using MGOS 2.4 RC2. May I ask what is the least effort method in
migrating an existing map's feature sources from SHP to MySQL or PostGIS?

I have tried using ogr2ogr with MySQL, but unfortunately that tool tends to
stumble on problems with my SHP files. Problems like the DECIMAL fields are
not large enough so the insert fails, or it being unable to read the spatial
data for some records. I could possibly work around the DECIMAL field
definition with scripting, by altering the table and re-executing the
ogr2ogr command, but I would like to know if there are better options.

Another idea was to try to use MGOS to do the data migration, since it is
able to read the data from SHP files, I hope to be able to write the data to
MySQL. There might be some advantages in doing this, as it may be easier to
track down problematic records to try to fix it, which ogr2ogr doesn't
assist with to my knowledge, and it may provide a user-friendly method in
migrating new SHP data to the database. But this raises the following
1. Is there an existing publicly available tool that I can use to do the
2. Is this possible? 
3. Will it be worth the trouble?
4. How much work am I looking at here? 
5. Looking at the ogr2ogr's handiwork in MySQL, do I need to duplicate its
work in creating the geometry_columns and spatial_ref_sys?
6. How may I get the data definition of the DBF tables so that I can
recreate them in MySQL?
7. What else should I know?

And another problem is that after the data migration is completed, all the
layers would need to be modified to use the new FeatureSources. Is there a
migration tool that can help with this as well?

Thank you for your time.


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