[mapguide-users] IMPORTANT - MapGuide RFC 136 is ready for review

Jackie Ng jumpinjackie at gmail.com
Mon Jun 17 06:52:42 PDT 2013

In hindsight I probably should've had hotfixes on hand first before making
this announcement.

Nevertheless, if you want to patch this vulnerability out first and discuss
later, I've added hotfix dlls for MGOS 2.2, MGOS 2.4, MGOS 2.5 to the RFC
page. Simply overwrite the MgHttpHandler.dll under your <MapGuide
Install>\Web\Php and <MapGuide Install>\Web\www\mapagent directories

Once you've applied this hotfix and restarted your web server, your MapGuide
installation will no longer support the EXECUTESQLQUERY operation in the
mapagent, plugging up this particular vulnerability.

Linux users can apply the given patch and compile a new libMgHttpHandler.so.
I'm somewhat strained on Linux build resources, so if others can chip in and
provide patched libMgHttpHandler.so files for the various versions of MGOS,
that would be great.

Now to actually respond to your post. I mention the lack of SQL safeguards,
but I don't think implementing such safeguards is going to be that "simple".
How do we:

 a) Guard against SQL injection (EXECUTESQLQUERY doesn't use bind
 b) Prevent joining against tables that aren't meant or supposed to be
 c) Protect against un-authorized SQL execution from session-based copies of
a Feature Source?
 d) Most importantly, do all of this in C++?

Do we have to implement our own SQL grammar parser? How do we handle the
various DBMS-specific dialects?

There's a lot of unknowns and lots of risks involved. And for what? To
execute SQL over the internet via HTTP? That sentence alone smells of
security holes waiting to be punched wide open! 

This RFCs says to take the easiest path: gut this feature out until we can
rethink how to do this in a safe manner if that's even possible! I currently
think it's not. Especially not over a public-facing component like the

- Jackie

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