[mapguide-users] Mapguide fusion 2.6 | geolocation issue

Jacco Wanders | TTE Consultants wanders at engineers.nl
Thu Jan 30 02:30:05 PST 2014

Dear users,

I managed to install/bundle fusion 2.6 because I wanted to test the geolocation widget.

On my smartphone (samsung galaxy s3) with gps enabled I receive the following message when I press the geolocation button...

" Your position is outside the initial view of the map"

This is strange because the intial view is set to the Netherlands where I am at the moment, with coordinate systeem set tot pseudo.mercator.

Initial mapview parameters:
Lower left x: 373829.175643981                y: 6577278.62798246
Upper right x: 804654.77639247               y: 7085550.43336122

See link for the map please:

I hope someone can point me on the right direction. At this moment I don't have a clue what to do...
Thanks in advance
Jacco Wanders

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