[MapProxy] MapProxy running on Windows

Oliver Tonnhofer tonnhofer at omniscale.de
Tue Mar 30 11:05:41 EDT 2010

Hi Adam,

On 30.03.2010, at 16:02, Adam Estrada wrote:
> In services.yaml
> 1. Comment out the first two lines to prevent any attribution from  
> showing up over your WMS.
> service:
> #    attribution:
> #        text: "©Omniscale 2010 (http://omniscale.de) – Map data: CC- 
> BY-SA OpenStreetMap and Contributors"

The attribution feature requires that the Python Image Library is  
compiled with TrueType support. The binary builds for Windows that you  
get with easy_install are not consistent. PIL 1.1.7 for Python 2.6 is  
missing this support, 1.1.6 has it.

It is possible to install a fixed version with: easy_install PIL==1.1.6

0.8.2 will emit some errors if TrueType support is missing and will  
fall back to some default font.

> 2. Comment out the line for "res:" See my code below.
>     osm:
>             # store another level between each regular level
>             # res: 'sqrt2'

Are you sure thats necessary? It works with `sqrt2` here.

>             # use a tile size of:
>             # tile_size: [256, 256]

The configuration template in 0.8.0 did contain a tile_size of [512,  
512] that led to unexpected results in TMS clients like OpenLayers. I  
changed that in 0.8.1.

> 3. In proxy.yaml, you'll need to add the fully qualified path to the  
> directory where your tiles will be cached. See below. Make sure that  
> you give those directories the appropriate permissions...

It should work with relative paths. What you need to consider is that  
all path are relative to the proxy.yaml file, respectively to the  
default develop.ini/config.ini files when you start with paster.


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