[MapProxy] Mapproxy hangs on reprojection?

Anne Blankert anne.blankert at geodan.nl
Fri Sep 24 20:10:18 EDT 2010

 Hello list,

At Foss4G I was very impressed with the presented featureset of MapProxy.
I am now playing with mapProxy and at first sight it works great.

However, one of the announced features that I thought could be very
interesting, is the possibility to reproject. I would like to use that
to combine services that support different SRSs

Now I have the following setup:
* Windows Vista (happened to be pre-installed on my laptop)
* Python 2.6
* the virtual environment from
* MapProxy0.8.4

the following lines in my services.yaml
    - dnk:
            title: De nieuwe kaart - http://www.nieuwekaart.nl
            srs: ['EPSG:4326', 'EPSG:900913']
            tile_size: [256, 256]
        - type: cache_wms
          supported_srs: ['EPSG:4326']
            url: http://webservice.nieuwekaart.nl/cgi-bin/nkn?
            layers: nieuwekaart
            transparent: 'true'

Now if I start the service with:
paster serve etc/develop.ini --reload

The service completely hangs after 1 getCapabilities request + 4 GetMap
epsg:900913 requests.
The 4 tiles are reprojected correctly, but no longer transparent.
I have to completely kill the command box that I used to run the virtual
environment in before I can use mapproxy again.

To verify that MapProxy is really requesting epsg:4326, I used a network
sniffer (wireshark) and saw the following request header for the remote
Accept-Encoding: identity
Host: webservice.nieuwekaart.nl
Connection: close
User-Agent: MapProxy-0.8.5

* Is the hang a problem caused by me, my machine, Vista in general,
virtualenv, Python or MapProxy?
* it seems that layer-transparancy is lost if reprojected. Is that true?
* the request header shows escaped request parameters, shouldn't they be
* the request header claims I am using MapProxy version 0.8.5 instead of


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