[MapProxy] Is any raster image support planned in future?

Andreas Trawoeger atrawog at gmail.com
Wed Sep 29 08:53:39 EDT 2010

Hi Oliver!

2010/9/29 Oliver Tonnhofer <olt at omniscale.de>:
> We already thought about that, but it is not on our (Omniscale) roadmap. Of course, we are happy
> to integrate this feature if there is some (partial)-funding or if someone can contribute a patch.

If I would have the money I would love to support better integration
between MapProxy, Gdal2Tiles [0] and PyWPS [1]. Combine that with a
GRASS [2] based back-end and QQIS [3] desktop GUI and you end up with
an extremely powerful C/Python based GIS solution thats able to
supports both web maps and desktop GUIs.

But that would include a lot of integration work and without anybody
funding that I can understand that it won't be on anybodies radar
screen any time soon.

> With 0.9 the sources (WMS and tiles) are well abstracted, and it shouldn't be too difficult to add
> a new one.

If I understand the code correctly what's needed to add a new source is:
1. A source class in ./source that implements a get_map method.
2. A client class in ./client that does the actual data fetching
3. Updating ./config/loader.py and implement a Configuration class
based on SourceConfiguration

> MapProxy only uses tiny fraction of OGR, just enough to read geometries from shapefiles. So, there
> would still be work to do for the GDAL integration.

I think what I will try is to glue MapProxy and Gdal2Tiles together as
quickly as I can. Make it somehow work and then start cleaning up the
code until I end up with a solution that isn't too embarrassing to
show and doesn't include tons of redundant code.

Another thing that's possible be worth a try is combining MapProxy
with Mapnik [4] and TileLite [5].

cu andreas

[0] http://www.klokan.cz/projects/gdal2tiles
[1] http://pywps.wald.intevation.org
[2] http://grass.fbk.eu
[3] http://www.qgis.org
[4] http://mapnik.org
[5] http://bitbucket.org/springmeyer/tilelite/wiki/Home

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