[MapProxy] ArcGISOnline+Mapproxy+qGIS

Oliver Tonnhofer tonnhofer at omniscale.de
Fri Apr 22 11:28:35 EDT 2011

On 21.04.2011, at 16:51, Andrey Maraev wrote:

> I configured mapproxy with TMS ArcGIS Online like http://www.osgeo.org/pipermail/mapproxy/2010-July/000130.html. 
> But EPSG is 4326.
> 1)   Do you know how can I change the projection? I used grids in mapproxy.yaml but qGIS can't opened this in WMS
> [...]
> 2) Why doesn't work wms for ArcGIS server in EPSG:3395 in qGIS via MapProxy? In EPSG:4326 is working.

The /demo service only displays EPSG:4326 at the moment. To enable other SRS for WMS clients like QGIS, you need to add these to the services configuration (wms.srs). Look in the documentation.


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