[MapProxy] "tiles" source and un-tiled access

Scharff, E B (ARC-TI)[Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies Inc. (SGT Inc.)] ted.scharff at nasa.gov
Thu Jul 12 14:24:36 PDT 2012

Hi, Mapproxy folks.

I'm trying to set up a WMS service that uses a set of remote tiles as a source.

Every configuration I write that includes a layer referencing the tiles source results in the dev server failing with an error like:

[2012-07-12 20:56:12,442] mapproxy.config - CRITICAL - source "ctx_tiles" of layer "CTX" does not support un-tiled access

Poking into the source code, it looks like this error is raised whenever a source that has supports_meta_tiles=False is used in a layer (https://bitbucket.org/olt/mapproxy/src/452942aebae9/mapproxy/config/loader.py +1064<https://bitbucket.org/olt/mapproxy/src/452942aebae9/mapproxy/config/loader.py%20+1064>).  It also looks like all "tiles" sources have this value set to False (line 785 of the same file).   Is there a way that I'm missing to configure a "tiles" source without producing this error?


Ted Scharff | e.b.scharff at nasa.gov<mailto:e.b.scharff at nasa.gov>
Intelligent Robotics Group
NASA Ames Research Center

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