[MapProxy] Implementation MapProxy-WMTS to OpenLayers Client

Patrick Fischer endless-nameless at web.de
Fri Mar 2 05:05:56 EST 2012



I'm new in running MapProxy and my first results are to serve a WMS, TMS and
WMTS.  The Implementation of WMS and TMS into a OpenLayers Client isn't a
big Problem. Only there is a little Coordinate-Difference between these two
services. If anybody have an idea, I will be happy J.


But my real Problem is, that I can't implement a WMTS-Service (KVP-Encoding)
into the OpenLayers-Client. Only the Grid-Tiles are shown, but not the Tile
itself. The Direct-Access to Tiles by Browser by using
rid/01/0/0.png is no Problem.

Here is my Implementation-Code:

wmts = new OpenLayers.Layer.WMTS({

                 name: "Meilenblaetter WMTS",

                 url: "http://geoinformatik.htw-dresden.de/map/wmts/",

                 serviceVersion: "1.0.0",

                 layer: "Meilenblaetter_SN",

                 style: "default",

                 format: "image/png",

                matrixSet: "meilenblatt_grid"



Has anybody implement a WMTS into a OpenLayers-Client?



Best Regards



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