[MapProxy] GetCapabilities-request very slow

Oliver Tonnhofer olt at omniscale.de
Wed Mar 13 02:15:37 PDT 2013

On 13.03.2013, at 04:36, Keith Moss wrote:
> We've noticed this issue too, albeit with slighty more layers - ~1,600!
> Here are the timings:
> 25 Layers:   30s. Memory usage from 566MB - 566MB (seemingly no increase)
> 50 layers:     60s. 551MB - 564MB
> 100 Layers: 120s. 363MB - 395MB
> 200 Layers: 280s. 395MB - 548MB
> I got tired of waiting at this point and gave up :)
> I've attached the two configuration files for the 25 layers example.

As always, please check your configurations with `mapproxy-utils serve-develop`.

You will see that it will try to fetch 25/50/100/100 GetLegendGraphic images. MapProxy will download and cache them on the first request. This is necessary, because the capabilities document needs to contain the actual width and height of the legend image.
Can you post the timings with `legendgraphic: false`?


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