[MapProxy] installation on windows x64

Martijn Coenen Martijn at Covadis.nl
Wed Mar 13 02:43:36 PDT 2013


> "not available" as in "no official binaries". The mod_wsgi documentation says
> you have to compile it on your own and that's what Christoph Gohlke did.
> It should work all fine if you have everything in 64bit.

Ah yes, I see. 

Mapproxy is running on a 64-bit Python installation (2.7.3). So I had in mind to set up the server (Apache 2.2) in 64-bit too, but had some (non-Mapproxy-) side-effects so got back to 32-bit Apache. Now I'm trying to find out what is the best way for a deployed setup via mod_wsgi (now x32) or another way. I prefer to not using the HTTP Proxy setup as I rather not have Mapproxy running its own webserver but "embed" it in Apache.


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