[MapProxy] Presumed libproj problem with my simple sample

André Pirard A.Pirard.Papou at gmail.com
Fri Nov 15 22:26:12 PST 2013


This is somehow related to the previous Mila's message.
I once sent to this list a documentation update that was never integrated.
The goal was to make Mapproxy simple for those who are not proficient
with Python etc.
The basic idea is that, for most Python applications, installing a
system packet prevents forgetting a libproj0, by managing all the
dependencies, by making unistallation a straightforward and complete
process, by using the procedures that the user knows, etc...
So, finally, to help my friends, I wrote this Web page for the DEB
package <http://www.papou.byethost9.com/maps/mapproxy/> .
Angelos Tzotsos provided an apparently little known RPM packet.
If someone sent me a text update to add RPM to my Web page, I'd be glad
to integrate it.
BTW, click my page to any language, click the Mapproxy doc link and you
have it in that language too!
Well, rather decently, but infinitely better than nothing ;-)

Now, with that simple configuration file, I get a problem when I'm doing
the following transformation:
OSM -> WMS EPSG: 31370 (Lambert72) -> JOSM with screen projection set to
Lambert 72 too.
The Mapproxy tiles and the OSM vector map are offset by about 200m.  No
problem with Lambert 08.
I think I can conclude that the Ubuntu and JOSM libproj 31370
definitions differ, isn't it?
Anybody with input about this?



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