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Oliver Tonnhofer olt at omniscale.de
Fri Oct 23 03:08:13 PDT 2015


> On 22.10.2015, at 18:25, Jesse V Griffis <jvgriffis at gmail.com> wrote:
> Has anyone done any work providing hundreds of layers via mapproxy?
> I'm using sqlite over file-based caches (too. many. pngs!) but I suspect I'm getting up near the top end there. Increased ulimit soft/hard. There doesn't appear to be any way to merge 20+ layers without killing performance or attempting to pre-seed, but unfortunately the data changes often enough that pre-seeding is marginally useful.

there are users that do provide hundreds of layers, but only cascaded.
Merging cached layers does not scale. MapProxy needs to load hundreds of tiles as soon as you merge a few layers.

You typically provide a few cached map layers that contain all the base layers that most of your users need. E.g. you don’t provide separate layers for roads, parks, residential areas, road labels, city labels, etc. but just a single cached layer with your complete layer stack.
If a few users need to be able to select each layer separately, then give them access to another MapProxy instance were you include all layers, but do not cache these layers.

The ‘best’ configuration depends on your use-case, but I hope you get the idea.


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