[MapProxy] publish high resolution aerial images from drone via mapproxy

David Viert d.viert at googlemail.com
Sun Mar 7 04:36:28 PST 2021

Hello all,

I am trying to publish very good resolution orthophotos via Mapproxy as 
I have converted the single images via OpenDroneMap to an orthophoto. In 
the first approach I could calculate the data via GDAL as MBTiles and 
publish them easily via MapProxy. Unfortunately, MBTiles are only 
compatible up to zoom level 22 and thus reach their limits in the area 
of drone data. The change to geopakage as a format seemed promising at 
first, but I can only include the gpkg with MapProxy if GDAL_Translate 
contains the tag TILING_SCHEME=GoogleMapsCompatible.

Unfortunately GDAL cannot calculate very high resolution data with this 
SCHEME and hangs at some point.

Does anyone have experience in this area and an idea how I can 
eventually get the data published with MapProxy?

Thanks in advance

My drone layer configuration in MP:

|layers: - name: Drohnenaufnahme title: Drohnenaufnahme sources: 
[Drohnenaufnahme_cache] caches: Drohnenaufnahme_cache: sources: [] 
grids: drone_grid cache: type: geopackage filename: 
D:\Kartendaten\A_Daten\C_Drohne\Drohnenaufnahme.gpkg table_name: 
Drohnenaufnahme grids: drone_grid: base: GLOBAL_WEBMERCATOR tile_size: 
[256, 256] srs: 'EPSG:3857' # zoom 0-23res: [156543.03392804097, 
78271.51696402048, 39135.75848201024, 19567.87924100512, 
9783.93962050256, 4891.96981025128, 2445.98490512564, 1222.99245256282, 
611.49622628141, 305.748113140705, 152.8740565703525, 76.43702828517625, 
38.21851414258813, 19.109257071294063, 9.554628535647032, 
4.777314267823516, 2.388657133911758, 1.194328566955879, 
0.5971642834779395, 0.29858214173896974, 0.14929107086948487, 
0.07464553543474244, 0.03732276771737122, 0.01866138385868561]|

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