[MapProxy] Reg: Suggestion to Seed single layer with multiple instances

Naresh N naresh919 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 15 05:45:43 PDT 2021

Dear kirstine,

Thanks for responding.

0. We are not using sqlite db for caching type

1. We are using* caching type as File*(default cache type *file* and it
uses a single file for each tile). Defaults to tc which uses a TileCache
compatible directory layout *(zz/xxx/xxx/xxx/yyy/yyy/yyy.format)*.

2. We have deployed MapProxy in *Multiple Servers/Instances and all the
servers have common storage* where the data/images are stored.

3. We have created layer definition and Caching details *same in all the

4. Now we want to cache the layer in all the servers (running multiple
instances in each server - number of instances varies based on server
configuration and storage type)by dividing the area by grid wise(*1deg
*1deg or 2 deg*2deg).*

We have used  MetaCarta Tilecache (http://tilecache.org/) and used the
above process and  executed caching multiple instances for the same zoom
level and same layer. This helped us realize the caching of the layer

*Can we create the cache using MapProxy in multiple instances for the
same zoom level and same layer?*

*I have gone through the Manual, but not able to find the method. Please
kindly suggest.*

Please let me know any other information required further.

Thanks & Regards,


On Wed, Mar 10, 2021 at 8:17 AM Travis Kirstine <traviskirstine at gmail.com>

> Naresh,
> I've found the biggest factor when seeding is the speed the source can
> generate the images and the cache type.  If you are seeding to a single
> sqlite db for instance you will run into table locking issues, so adding
> more seeders will not help.  BTW the concurrency option will run multiple
> seed workers.
> https://mapproxy.org/docs/nightly/seed.html#cmdoption-c
> On Thu, 4 Mar 2021 at 03:44, Naresh N <naresh919 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> I have deployed the MapProxy and configured the layer. We want to create
>> the offline cache for the layer. Please find the details below.
>> Layer Name : India_satellite
>> Caching required area:66,6,102,40 (bounding box coordinates)
>> Zoom level : 16
>> *Problem/Issue:*
>> To create the seed for the area 66,6,102,40(bounding box coordinates)
>> with one instance it takes *a lot of time to complete the cache for
>> higher zoom levels* (like 16,17,etc). To overcome this, we want to
>> divide area *66,6,102,40* into *1deg*1deg* and want to seed the layer  1
>> deg grid wise by executing  multiple instances of seeding  simultaneously.
>> Please suggest   H*ow to run/execute multiple instances of seeding of
>> one single layer *
>> Please let me know any other information required further.
>> Thanks & Regards,
>> Naresh
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