[mapserver-dev] Compile problem

Daniel Morissette morissette at dmsolutions.ca
Tue Aug 27 19:13:19 EDT 2002

Ken Kyler wrote:
> > Hummm... probably a related problem, but different manifestation...
> >
> > Can you please Email me the output of 'perl -V' on your system... yes, I
> > really meant 'perl -V' ... that's a hack used by the configure script.
> Thanks Daniel - attached
> Ken

I believe I fixed it now (but I have no way to test).  The change is in
CVS in both the 3.6 branch and 3.7-dev ... you can download a new copy
of the 'configure' script at

Place the new 'configure' in your mapserver-3.6.2 directory, and rerun
configure... at least the 'undef' will be gone, and hopefully everything
else that's required will still be there.
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