[mapserver-dev] Compile problem

Daniel Morissette morissette at dmsolutions.ca
Wed Aug 28 20:57:45 EDT 2002

Ken Kyler wrote:
> > Again, extract it to your mapserver directory, and rerun configure with
> > the option --enable-internal-ld-detect ... this bypasses the perl -V
> > hack and uses an internal macro to figure the command to link
> > php_mapscript.so... please let me know how it goes.
> so far so good!  have compiled and installed, now to test.  Many thanks for
> taking the time to help with this
> Ken

For the archives: The problem was in the configure macro that tries
to figure the commands to use to link the php_mapscript.so shared
library.  This macro uses an old perl hack inherited from PHP3 and that
often caused problems (double gcc in Makefile, or undef in gcc command).

I changed the 3.7 configure script to use a new internal macro
instead... this works well on FreeBSD and Linux... we'll see if it
causes problems on other platforms.  If the new configure fails with
MapServer 3.7 then we'll try to fix problems as they arise, but as an
interim solution someone can use the --enable-perlv-ld-detect configure
switch to come back to the old macro that was used by default in 3.6

For 3.6.3-dev, I didn't want to break things in a stable release, so I
left the perl-based macro (the hack) as the default, but for systems
where it doesn't work such as FreeBSD then I added a new 
--enable-internal-ld-detect configure option to force the use of the
internal macro.  This works well and fixed Ken's problem on FreeBSD. 

Once again, the above changes affect only users configuring and
compiling php_mapscript.so

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