[Mapserver-dev] New msCloneLayerObj() function

Steve Lime steve.lime at dnr.state.mn.us
Tue Feb 18 15:54:25 EST 2003

I'm not ready to say it's just for MapScript users. Mapscript.i
definitely needs
to leverage your new stuff. As do folks writing C code (yes, there are
a few
out there, and PHP/MapScript. MapServer proper needs it for a true
support to work. There's definitely an audience.

mapfile.c is kinda messy any how. Functions once intended for internal
only (e.g. initLayer()) are now used elsewhere so now might be the
to clean up. Move all object specific files to one spot, and rename
to fit the rest of the system, msInitLayer(), msFreeLayer() and

That's what I would suggest but I'd really like to hear from others on


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>>> Sean Gillies <sgillies at frii.com> 02/18/03 01:06PM >>>
On Tuesday, February 18, 2003, at 11:15  AM, Steve Lime wrote:

> I'm worried about moving the copying code out of mapfile.c or a
> away from other code
> pertaining to a particular object type (i.e. layerObj). When making
> changes it means you have
> to make sure to remember to change mapfile.c and mapcopy.c, much
> to have all the
> code together. If mapfile.c is getting bulky I might suggest busting
> into parts like:
>   mapfile_layerObj.c
>   mapfile_scalebarObj.c
> with mapfile.c holding code for the main mapObj and the helper
> functions. Just a thought.
> Steve

I haven't revised mapfile.c.

The code in mapcopy.c _does_ use many of the functions in mapfile.c,
so maybe it belongs with that file.  I made a new file only because
I didn't want to run roughshod over mapfile.c and because the stuff
I'm writing will likely never be used in mapserv itself.

Which leads me to a question: if it's only for mapscript users,
maybe the solution is a new swig interface file to accompany

I'm easy, and will readily go with your call.  Wherever the code
goes, and whether we call the functions *Copy* or *Clone* (there's
already some precedence) is fine with me.


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