[Mapserver-dev] PHP/mapscript and PNG problem

David Graham dgraham at i3.com
Wed Jul 23 13:09:16 EDT 2003


This is very interesting. I had a very similar problem when I built the 
4/21/03 3.7 nightly build on Win32 with PHP 4.3.1. In the end I never 
resolved the problem. In fact I have not built a single copy of 
Mapserver since. I came to the conclusion that my build environment was 
too currupted from building dozens of different opensource projects in 
dozens of versions. I have since requested a new clean machines to do my 
builds on. It has not shown up yet.


woodbri at swoodbridge.com wrote:

>I am moving this to the dev list because I think I have run into a 
>serious problem that someone needs to evaluate as part of 4.0.
>Here is what I think the problem is:  There seems to be two versions 
>of the libpng api although it is not totally clear to me, but if you 
>built PHP-4.3.1 with-pdf and with-png then mapserver CGI works fine 
>generating PNG images but PHP/mapscript dies in $img->saveImage(); 
>If I built PHP-4.3.1 without-pdf and without-png it works fine.
>So what this looks like to me is that there is a conflict in the 
>libpng api calls where PHP loads uses a version that is not 
>compatible with what is expected by mapserver. Like the same entry 
>point name but different argument usage - or some similar situation.
>I was using MS-3.7-may02-nightly, I tried MS-4.0-beta2, but ran into 
>other random crashes that I was not able to debug
>Also, I built PHP-4.3.2 but it would not even run as a CGI, not sure 
>what is up with that. It looks like PHP is trying to parse the php 
>executable as the php script.
>It does not escape me that I might (likely?) have some build 
>environment issue, but since the system is RH8.0 with most stuff 
>managed via RPMs, I not sure what would be foobar. I will look at 
>this more today.
>I would be open to other thoughts or ideas. 
>I will forward my configure scripts when I get back to the office.
>On 17 Jul 2003 at 15:46, woodbri at swoodbridge.com wrote:
>>OK, my turn to ask a question :)
>>Run RH8.0, MS-4.0-b2, GD-2.0.15, gdal-1.1.9, php-4.3.2, using RH
>>I can generate a PNG image using mapserv but I crash in PHP/Mapscript
>>$img->saveImage(...) call both use the same mapfile.
>>I had the same problem using MS-3.7-may03-nightly, using GD-2.0.15,
>>gdal-1.1.8, php-4.3.1 which pretty much points at the libpng.
>>Oh yeah! Both GIF and JPEG work in both of the configuration.
>>So has anyone else run into this?
>>What are other people running on RH8 for libpng?
>>Any other ideas?
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