[Mapserver-dev] WFS interoperability issues

Rob Atkinson rob at socialchange.net.au
Wed Feb 11 21:21:09 EST 2004

Hi folk,

have been doing some interoperability testing on WFS functionality in 
v4.01 and 4.1

at this stage I have been using precompiled binaries, so these comments 
do refer to 4.1-dev Windoze.

4.1 is a big improvement over 4.0 - so much so I'm happy to help get the 
last few glitches ironed out and start using the beast.

Here are the key issues:

1) The capabilities response offers both POST and GET - but only GET 
appears to work.  This may be due to the fact I need to specify the 
mapfile and there is no obvious way of doing that in the POST request. I 
have searched documentation, bug lists and archives and not been able to 
find how you intend to address this.

2) POST requests are returning non-XML responses - PNG images!

3) Features have no formal identifier (in GML 2 the "fid" atttribute) - 
I see this is a reported bug already - but would like to stress its 
importance. It is also important that "fids" can be made persistent - 
they are an object identifier after all. I would suggest that the map 
file syntax be extended to allow the nomination of a field to be mapped 
to this.

Would appreciate any info on these matters and whether I need to fix - 
would prefer to perform testing if someone else can do it.

Rob Atkinson

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