[Mapserver-dev] Proprietary Formats

Ned Harding nharding at extendthereach.com
Thu Jan 15 12:53:31 EST 2004


I am about to start adding support for a proprietary format or 2 into
Mapserver that my company would need to start fully utilizing MapServer.

It all looks pretty straight forward, but I wanted to do it in a generic way
that might help other people, not hurt.  I was thinking about adding a
single new CONNECTIONTYPE that would look like PLUGIN(PluginName) that would
route through a C++ pure virtual base class that could be registered at run
time.  The plugins would be added to a linked list (or a hash map) so that
multiple could be instantiated at the same time.

I would isolate the C++ code to a separate module so that it would not
require a c++ compiler to build MapServer without this feature.

This would make it much easier for 3rd party developers to add addition
formats for specific instances of MapServer without having to touch the core

Comments and advice would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Ned Harding
Chief Technology Officer
SRC - Extending the Reach of Micromarketing
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