[Mapserver-dev] Proprietary Formats

David Blasby dblasby at refractions.net
Thu Jan 15 13:30:45 EST 2004

If you are going to be mixing C++ dynamically-loaded modules in a C 
application, you'll have to link the C program with the C++ standard 
library (NOT the C standard library).  If you dont, you will find that 
try..throw..catch blocks will crash the C application.

NOTE: if you're linking the C++ code directly to the C application the 
compiler will do this for you.

We came across this problem with postgresql (a C application) 
dynamically loading GEOS (a C++ component of PostGIS).  Everytime GEOS 
threw an exception, it would cause the DB to server to crash.  It took a 
long time to figure out how to stop this happening.


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