Automatic coverage testing of mapserv?

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at SWOODBRIDGE.COM
Sun Feb 6 13:06:00 EST 2005

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
>>I don't know if someone else is picking up on all your patches, but
>>I'm not applying them.  I will apply any that seem sensible to me if
>>they are submitted properly through bugzilla and end up assigned to
>>me.  That is our methodology.
> So, what is the mailing list for?  Am I using the wrong mailing list
> when I want to get comments on the patches where I am unsure if I
> understood the intention of the original code?  I try to create
> Bugzilla bugs for the obvious fixes.  I know I could do better here,
> and will try to improve.


I think this is exactly the right list to be using to request
information and opinions on the patches. After you get your feedback,
you should write a bug and attach the patch, possible modified but the
feedback, this way the patches will not get lost, and someone will get
assigned to the bug to resolve that is familiar with the sub-system
being patched.

By the way, thank you for all your efforts, and don't let these Grumpy
old guys dampen your spirits :)

-Steve W.

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