Why not always DEBUG=MSDEBUG?

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at POBOX.COM
Mon Dec 11 12:39:29 EST 2006

Daniel Morissette wrote:
> Frank Warmerdam wrote:
>> Can anyone think of a reason we wouldn't always enable use of 
>> debugging output
>> in mapserver?  
> Here are the two reasons I can think of:
> 1- I am not 100% sure that all msDebug() calls are protected by an 
> if(...debug) test. This would need to be verified prior to making your 
> proposed change
> 2- Under IIS, stderr is merged with stdout so msDebug() just doesn't 
> work there and enabling debug in that environment can (and often does!) 
> result in malformed headers or corrupt output.


OK, I'm going to withdrawn the simple approach for now, and will try
to propose something a bit more comprehensive based that also addresses
use of MS_ERRORFILE and the LOG directive (is there such a thing? I
don't know anything about it).

> That would probably be a good idea as long as we also take care of the 
> issues above.
> BTW, bugs 709, 1333 and 1783 relate to this directly or indirectly and I 
> had included a "cleanup of LOG/DEBUG output mechanisms" item covering 
> them in the 5.0 roadmap.

I have ensured I'm attached to all of these.

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