4.8.0 Release...

Steve Lime steve.lime at DNR.STATE.MN.US
Mon Jan 9 12:02:49 EST 2006

Dan: Were you waiting for me to cut a 4.8.0 release or can you do it?


>>> Steve Lime <steve.lime at DNR.STATE.MN.US> 01/06/06 2:55 PM >>>
The bug in GD is old, it's just that antialiasing in 4.8 is so much easier to trigger that it is more apparent. No word on a preview release of GD 2.0.34. I was currious if there was a new function that we could detect is all. No need to wait.

After The WFS fixes I think we are good to go with a short rc2 and branch.


>>> Daniel Morissette <dmorissette at DMSOLUTIONS.CA> 01/06/06 2:38 PM >>>
Steve Lime wrote:
> Hi folks: Sean and I found a bug in the antialiasing code (single pixel lines) within GD that causes segfaults under certain circumstances. It's a problem with the way they implement clipping for aa lines. I contacted Thomas Boutell late last night and actually heard back this morning. The issue has been fixed in the upcoming GD 2.0.34 release (no date on that release).

This is just an old GD bug and it's not related to 4.8 specifically, 
right? If that's not directly related to anything in 4.8 but is just a 
GD bug that applies to MapServer 4.6 as well then I don't think we 
should do anything specific to 4.8. Instead we could just make a patch 
available that can be used in compiling MapServer (4.6 or 4.8) with the 
GD fix.

> How should we handle on our end? This does not affect the fuzzy brush code.
> I was thinking about asking for a preview release of 2.0.34 and then perhaps adjusting the configure process to detect that version. The patch to fix GD is trivial so we could even offer a patched version (or the patch itself) for folks that want to use aa.

GD doesn't carry any version information anywhere (or didn't as far as I 
remember) so it's really hard to detect specific versions unless new 
functions were added and then we test for the new functions. Detecting a 
bug fix would be even harder so I'd avoid that if possible.

I think offering a patch that can be applied to 4.8 (and 4.6?) would be 
the way to go, without modifying the official release.

BTW, you released RC1 just before Xmas as planned. Are we good to 
release 4.8 or should we wait a bit more? There have been at least 5 bug 
fixes since RC1 so maybe we should do RC2 once everybody is ready and 
branch the source tree at the same time?

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