Pixmap symbol scaling bug #1684: review and back porting

Jani Averbach javerbach at EXTENDTHEREACH.COM
Thu Mar 2 18:38:13 EST 2006

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> Subject: Re: Pixmap symbol scaling bug #1684: review and back porting
> If there is a change of behavior then the docs will need to 
> be updated to make the new behavior clear and to avoid this becoming 
> another FAQ. In addition to updating the docs, could you please also 
> describe the change of behavior in your HISTORY.TXT entries in 
> both 4.8 and 4.9.

I will do that.

> > If everyone is happy with the fix, I will back port this to 4.8.x 
> > and close the bug #1684.
> > 
> Since there's a change of behavior it's a bit more tricky, 
> but if things were plain broken in 4.8 before then the 
> fix with the new behavior is better than a broken feature, 
> so based on the little information that I 
> have on this I'd say go ahead with backporting.

The behavioral change has been appeared by this this change
(before 4.8):

branch-4-8/mapgd.c: 1.106        (sdlime   14-Oct-05)

   1640       max_size = MS_MAX(symbol->sizex, symbol->sizey);
   1641       d = max_size != 0 ? size/max_size : 1.0; /* was d = size/symbol->sizey; */

I think the new code makes more sense and is just something which 
has changed by 4.8 version. We just have to document this somewhere.
Or revert back to old code (sizey), but that's not my call.

BR, Jani

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