linking Trac and subversion

Sean Gillies sgillies at FRII.COM
Wed May 2 12:14:33 EDT 2007

Bart van den Eijnden (OSGIS) wrote:
> Hi list,
> why are the developers not using links between Trac and svn?
> In the Trac ticket you can do something like:
> Fixed in changeset:6072, which will create a link to the changeset in which
> the ticket was fixed.
> Also, when doing an svn commit one should use the ticket: syntax in the
> message, for instance:
> svn commit -m "ticket:2079 WMS request with a BBOX and and SLD containing
> Filter encoding gives inconsistent result"
> Best regards,
> Bart
> --
> Bart van den Eijnden
> OSGIS, Open Source GIS

It's just that Trac is new, Bart, but some of us are doing it. See for 

If you're watching the commits feed, you should see a link straight to 
ticket 2083.


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