Attila Csipa plists at PROMETHEUS.ORG.YU
Thu May 10 12:21:20 EDT 2007

On Thursday 10 May 2007 16:29, you wrote:
> Is this intended to be for continuous ranges like RFC 6, or where the color
> value to be used is read from the feature?

One more thing on RFC6, after reading RFC21 (Raster Color Correction) it would 
seem to me that maybe these two can be united from the users standpoint - 
RFC6 is a fixed scenario/item suggestion to a mapping problem, which is 
essentially a function. The way it is suggested in RFC21 is far more natural 
for me to solve a mapping function, and curve files could be generated with 
other utils if a specific scale is desired (log, exp...). Note that this 
would also be faster that interpreting/calculating values for each feature.

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